The way this cute puppy reacts to his reflection is just awesome!

No one can be a better friend than a dog and more cute than they are. The dogs play an important part in the lives of their owners; they don’t just protect them but also put a smile on their face many a times.

Dachshunds are known for their cuteness and intelligence, and they are the best amusers one can have as a pet.

A small Dachshund puppy is playing with its own reflection in the mirror and trying to figure out what’s actually going on. The small pup is amazed and happy to see how the puppy just like him, on the other side is copying him the exact way. When he’s done running in front of the mirror and observing its own reflection, he starts scratching the mirror trying his best to play with one of his own kind who’s on the other side. All this long the owners of this cute puppy enjoy the scenario. It’s after some time that the small Dachshund understands that it’s his own reflection and nothing else. Checkout this cute video below!