These Unusual Behaviour in Your Doxie May be Associated to These Problems

Dachshund dogs are best known  for their spontaneity, courage and their sharp beak. Among the top 5 best breeds in the world this cartoonist’s favorite dog is perfect housekeeper and lovable family member.

Sometimes these lovely dogs face problems which we ignore thinking they are brave (as they were bred to hunt badgers). Here is the list of top 5 symptoms and the associated unusual behaviour which requires your immediate attention.

1. Back Problem Symptoms
dachshund back problems
Take me to the doctor…!!!

Dachshund dog  has a different body structure and genetic walking style. Due to their  short legs and long  muscular body  they may suffer from Intervertebral Disc Disorder. Though chances of this disorder are  very less, here is a list of the symptoms which depicts that your Dachshund dog is suffering from  I.D.

– Unable to raise up on the rear legs

– Paralysis

– Loss of bowel and bladder control

If you see any of these symptoms, the best you can do is  this :   

– Always support their back and rear while holding them.

– Don’t let them to jump from  high furniture.

– Consult to vet if you see any of these symptoms


2. Symptoms associated with bad Food
Dachshund strange behaviour
“Best Dog Food” does not always work for them…!!!

If your Dachshund pet is not in a good mood, it might be because of the  bad food. Those glossy cover  food packets which we  pick up from the market thinking  it’s the best they can have may lead them into allergic problem. If your dachshund dog is  suffering from  itching, hot spot, dandruff, excessive shedding, foot licking, face rubbing, loose-stools and gassiness ,it might be because of that food  than this is an “ alarming situation. So it’s the  time to change the food…!!! Consult your vet about which food will suit your Dachshund the best.


3. Dog bloat symptoms
Dachshund Bloat Symptoms
Alarming situation..!!!

If your dog has a swollen  abdomen, is salivating badly,  retching  but  cannot vomit, restless, sluggish, depressed then there are chances  he may  suffer from Bloat (Gastric dilatation-volvulus). This is a lethal disease  which occurs when stomach is distended with gas and air. Consider a vet  as soon as possible.


4. You are not giving me time
You are not giving me time…!!!!
You are not giving me time…!!!!

Doxies cute mien and lively nature always  makes them the  most amazing  family member,  seem usually playing    games (following their own rules) frisking around the house. But if your Dachshund dog is being snappier then there is a problem. Doxies do not like to share their owner’s attention, so if your pet is being irritating and cranky  at someone from the family, it means you are not giving  him/her attention. So it’s better you spend some time with your doxie…!!!


5. Diabetes symptoms
 Let’s Go For a Walk…!!!
Let’s Go For a Walk…!!!

If your Dachshund is suffering from excessive urination and weight loss, then there is the problem. He might  be suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is occasionally seemed in overweight dogs, so it’s better  to go  for a  walk with your Dachshund dog or play with them at home.