These super cute dachshund photos from ‘Best-dressed dog parade’ will steal your heart!

All Dachshunds are beautiful to watch. The cute little doggie loves to be spoiled by its parent and is indeed one fearless performer.  Whether it is hiding in small, dark spaces or climbing onto the table to filch food, these Dachs love doing everything on their own. As a matter of fact, he is “courageous to the point of rashness” according to both British and US breed standards.

Here we have picked some super cute dachshund photos from ‘best-dressed dog parade’ that happens around the month of May every year in Russia’s St. Petersburg. In this parade, Dachshunds are dressed by their parents in their best costumes that are tailored by the dog-parents only. What makes this festival-cum-dog show different from others is dressing them in a very whimsical manner to separate from other Dachshunds. Following are the best dressed pictures of Dachshunds from the parade selected by RBTH:

best dress dachshund image 1

Earliest of times saw the female Dachshunds being dressed as princesses and ballerinas but the notion is changing fast. Now, they are coming out dressed in more non-conventional costumes.


best dressed dachshund image2

This is a picture from 2014 where a dog imitated being it’s favourite toy and food; the bone. Very quirky. Plus, this doggie had her name printed on her bone which makes it super cute.  It is indeed an innovative idea!


best dressed dachshund image3

It is Russia! You can never have too many nuns. We loved this Dach dressed as an attention-shy nun. How promptly dressed in a white blouse and a black skirt! The dach is unknowingly behaving like a true nun, shy and modest. Aww!!


best dressed dachshund image4

The script on the yellow taxi-cab is ‘Taksa’, which is Russian for ‘Dachshund’. Every year, there are a lot of dog-parents that dress their Dachs as yellow Taxis. So, this Dach is the driver for this lovely Taxi and I am sure, all of you would like to have a ride in it. Wouldn’t you?


best dressed dachshund image5

A conventionally dressed female dachshund just gave us the sweetest of “Aaawwww”. Just have a look at those stunning eyes. What about the photogenic look? She has got that right, for sure!


best dressed dachshund image6

These pretty babies getting dressed as insects is a common sight in this show. But we especially loved this Dachshund dressed as a Bumblebee, complete with the antennas and all. This picture is perfect because of that right hand lifted in the picture which gives this puppy an innocent look.


best dressed dachshund image7

All set to work, this Dach is dressed as a repairman. Just see, how all those instruments needed by a repairman are on point. In fact, those little tools in back pockets of trousers. Everything is perfect and the little Dach is all set to fulfil his tough job.


best dressed dachshund image8

This dach in traditional costume is so endearing. In fact, the lady handling the puppy is also dressed in similar costume. Traditional folks everywhere! Just look at that little red flower on the cap. Awww!!


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