Meet Harlso – The Balancing Dachshund!

Talk about a balancing act! Harlso, the two year old dachshund has a very particular set of skills – he is magnificent at balancing things on his head. He is also not above looking absolutely adorable as he does so. So, what can Harlso balance on his head? The question should be, what can he not?


Harlso has taken on a number of projects, ranging from easy to difficult. From a shot glass filled with drink to a stack of cookies, Harlso can manage it all. His grace and dexterity are certainly something to be admired – not to mention his self-control! That’s not all though, Harlso even dabbles in impressions from time to time.

What’s next for this talented pup? Well, time will only tell. So far, he has managed to garner himself an entire page in the Belfast Telegraph, not to mention he has over 6,000 likes on Facebook! Clearly, Harlso’s star is rising and we cannot wait to see what he does next! If you don’t want to miss what this lovely little Doxie is doing, follow him on Facebook or Instagram. You can find him under Harlso the Balancing Hound.

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