How to deal with car sickness of your dachshund

Road trips are the best way to spend time and bond with your best buddy. A car ride is one of the coolest things for your dachshund. But some dogs tend to fall sick! Just like any other human, dogs can also get car sickness or also called motion sickness which means that even a short trip can be a stressful task for your dachshund and you.

dachshund car sickness
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Causes of car sickness in dogs

Car sickness is most common in puppies and in young dogs than in older dogs. This is because the ear structure which is used for balance is not developed fully. Also, if the first few car rides end up in nausea then it is most likely that your dachshund may begin to associate travel with uncomfortable sensations, even if his or her balance system fully develops.

Another reason of car sickness is stress. If your dachshund rides in a car only to go to the vet then the negative sensations along with travel are more likely to occur.

Therefore, a dog who suffers car sickness should be treated as soon as possible.


How to recognize the symptoms of car sickness in dogs?
  • Listlessness
  • Excessive drooling
  • Constant yawning
  • Whining
  • Vomiting
  • Uneasiness
  • Inactivity
  • Smacking or licking lips
  • Panting
  • Shaking
  • Retching
Dealing with car sickness in dogs
  • Try not to feed your dachshund at least 2 hours before the car ride as most dogs don’t get sick with an empty stomach. Don’t stop your dachshund from having water. Also keep in mind that this might not work on your pet as some dogs need a little something to eat to prevent from falling sick.
  • Change your dachshund’s opinion of car travel. Try to find a park which is about 10 minutes from your place. Bring someone who can calm your dog as you drive. Play with your dog for a while there and once you ride back home, play with your dachshund as enthusiastically as you did at the park. Feed them after a few hours of rest! This helps them understand that the car rides are not only to go to the vet
  • Stop frequently on long trips, as some dogs need breaks to prevent motion sickness. Let your dachshund out (on a leash, of course) to relieve himself. You can also offer him a drink of water or some ice chips to chew.
  • When you’re driving along, point out scenery and other animals to your dog if she’s able to see out the window. Scenery prevents motion sickness. Call her by name in an excited tone and point or turn your head in the direction of the thing you want her to notice.
  • Consider driving with your widows halfway down as to let in fresh air in as it’s good to let some fresh air into the car, and it helps prevent car sickness. It is not ideal to let your dachshund’s head out as it can cause eye problems.

If all the remedies fail, it is best to consult  a vet. They usually prescribe Dramamine which is also used by people who suffer motion sickness. But it is best to talk to the vet about the right dosage for your dachshund as they’re relatively smaller than other dogs.

So now you’re dachshund is ready to go on a road trip,

Are you?