Gatsby, the 8 weeks old doxie starts school at Tickenham

When the bell rings at Tickenham Primary School, it is not just the students who will be taking their seats. Their newest addition to the class is Gatbsy, an eight weeks old dachshund who will be a part of morning registration. In fact, Gatsby will be in most lessons with the children.

Gatsby the Dachshund

He even has his own seat, from which he carefully takes in his surroundings and new classmates. When he is not in his seat, he gets to mingle with his fellow students. They take turns cuddling him and petting him. There is never a dull or lonely moment for this little doxie when he is surrounded by little playmates.

It is certainly an unusual decision to have a puppy in a classroom. However, it was made with the hopes that Gatsby could act as a natural teacher regarding some of the school’s core values. The title values of empathy, respect, and compassion are something that the teachers would like their students to embrace early on. Having an animal as loving, fun-oriented, and caring as a dachshund will certainly help do that.

It is easy to see even from brief video clips that Gatsby is having a profound effect on the students. They are all smiling and happy, eager to take turns to care for the little pup. It is evident that Gatsby is having the desired effect.

Everyone else hearing this news are probably just incredibly jealous that their school didn’t come up with such an idea! In fact, what could be better than having doxies in all classrooms! Why stop there, we should just have doxies in workplaces as well. It would definitely make Monday mornings, meetings, and overtime a lot more bearable.

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