Funny Video: Sleeping Dachshund Smells Treat!!!

Who doesn’t love food? Well, I don’t think there’s anybody out there who would say no to food until and unless he’s full. But can one be so much in love with food that he wakes up just from the smell of food? It can’t be a human for sure, but yes, it can be a dog. Dogs are known for their amazing sensitive nose, they can smell food from far away.

Here’s a video of a cute dachshund which is sleeping peacefully, but once the owners of the puppy put a piece of food in front of its nose. It wakes up to the smell and his tongue finds the piece of food. As he enjoys his treat with his eyes covered with the blanket, he looks extremely cute. After he finishes his treat taking his own time, he looks at its owner expecting more food with an extremely innocent face. Check out this cute video below:

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