Funny Video: Cute Dachshund Puppy Freaking Out with a Bouncy Ball

Having a dog as a pet is a blessing in itself; it will always be there for you, always ready to lick your face lovingly, always ready to amuse you, cuddle with you and always ready to play with you too. There are a lot of instances when dogs see new things and freak out. They are of a curious nature and do not let go of anything they find new.

Here’s one such video of a baby dachshund named “Roxy” which seems to be freaked out by a small bouncy ball. At first she looks scared of the ball, but due to the curious nature keeps running around it. Once she realizes that the ball is not dangerous, it starts playing with it by holding it in her jaw and taking it around the room. The owner of this cute puppy seems amused by the puppy’s act and joins her to play with the ball.