The Essential Guide to Having Your First Puppy [Infographics]

Bringing a Dachshund puppy, or any other puppy for that matter, into your life is like taking the role of a parent for your newly-born child. While a puppy is hardly a human baby, its needs are essentially the same. From puppy-proofing your home to getting the most essential items necessary for caring for your pup right down to learning the things that you should avoid at all cost, becoming a full-time pet parent to a rambunctious puppy can be quite a challenge even to the seasoned dog lover.

Picking the right Dachshund breeder alone is already nerve-wracking, what more when trying to settle your badger dog into its new home? There will always be issues such as breed-appropriate nutrition, training, socialization, and vaccinations. Exercises will be an important part of their lives. And while you may have hated your psychology subject in college, nows the time to brush up on deciphering body language.

The point is that nothing can really prepare you for the role of a Dachshund pet parent. The good news is that there are always resources available to you so you can easily breeze through the whole pet parenting thing and pass with flying colors. Do so and youll be rewarded with the most satisfying experiences in life.

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