The Blissful Love Story of Chaz Mostert and His Dachshunds

When most people think of Chaz Mostert, they immediately conjure up an image of the professional motor racing driver. Fair enough, the 24-year-old has been making waves in the industry with his impressive performance and numerous wins. There is another side to the Aussie-born driver, however, and Chaz is more than happy to share it with as many people as he can.


He is a proud doggy daddy to two adorable dachshunds. He has named the two brothers Bangers and Mash. Mostert grew up around dogs but when it was finally time to get one of his own, he went with a doxie. He said it was their affectionate nature that made him first decide to get a dachshund. However, he could not bear the idea of one of them being alone and so adopted two!


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Chaz has as much fun with his two doxies as any other owner. The young racer has even created an Instagram account for the lovely duo. They can be found under the username bangersxmash. At last count they had 1200 followers! Chaz frequently posts pics of the pair sleeping, in cute costumes, and just generally doing what doxies do.

Morning chills with dad ?

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There is an obvious and deep connection between Chaz and his dachshunds, one beyond the pictures and the dressing up. Towards the end of 2015, Mostert was involved in a horrifying crash during a race. He suffered various injuries, including torn ligaments and broken bones. He spent five months recuperating from these injuries. He proudly claims that it was Bangers and Mash that kept him company during his recovery, helping him keep his spirits up.

His love of his doxies has also prompted him towards helping out as many other dachshunds as he can. He is an ambassador for Dachshund Rescue Australia. The society is dedicated to the proper care and treatment of dachshunds all around Australia.

It is lovely to see yet another heartwarming tale about the love and comfort that dachshunds can bring into your life.