Top 10 Best Toys for Your Dachshund

Known for their long and low bodies, dachshunds are one of the most popular dog breeds.Their unique and adorable look captures enough hearts to be anImmensely popular breed. Dachshunds were not bred to be a cuddly lapdog but were bred to hunt badgers. Dachshunds come in three distinct coats smooth, longhaired, and wirehaired. They also come in two sizes standard dachshunds and mini dachshunds.No matter what size, length, or color you get, you can expect your doxie to be brimming with confidence. This is a brave little dog that will often act as he doesn’t know his size.

Doxies have massive amounts of energy and demands action-packed playtime to manage his high energy levels.When we think about the best toys for dachshunds, we need to think about the toys that allow his instincts to run wild. Durable chew toys with treat stuffing inside makes wonderful toys for dachshunds because they enable them to go for the prize in the opening just like they would have gone after a badger hiding in a hole. Although doxies arent fetching breeds, its a good idea to have balls or small sturdy chew toys on hand to play hide and seek. Your dog will surely enjoy going after it because it is not only instinctual, but also create a loyal bonding between you and your doxie . Just make sure your wiener dog can get to the prize relatively easily.Some of the best toys for dachshunds are: chew toys, toys you can stuff treats in, puzzle toys, small balls, rope toys and bone dog toys.

Here are 10 best toys for Doxies that are tough, safe and guaranteed to keep your pup engaged for hours on end!


1. Game of Tail-wagging fun for dachshunds



2. The Kong Classic Dog Toy

dachshund kong toy


3. The squeaky koala dog toy

dachshund best toy


4. Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy



5. Ruffhides Refillable Chew Toy



6. Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket



7. Zanies 6-Pack Small Latex Dog Toy with Squeaker

Squeaker dog toy


8. Mavel Rubber Ball Chew Toy

marvel rubber ball chew toy


9. Unstuffies Duck and Goose Pet Toy

Bird unstuffies dog toys


10. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

dog toy