8 Things That Dachshunds Love To Do

Everyone loves Dachshunds not just because they are smart and cute but they serve as a perfect watch dog, a complete amuser and a great friend too. A Dachshund will never let you get bored as most of the time they are hilarious, weird and funny. At times it is even difficult to explain their actions. Well, here is a list of few things that Dachshunds love.

1. Digging:

If you think you can keep your Dachshund from digging, you’re wrong. Dachshunds love to dig so if you have cushions made of extremely fine or expensive cloth then it would be safe if you keep them off from your dog. As they were trained to hunt rabbits living in holes so they were naturally bred to dig. So in case you didn’t know that, beware because your cute little Dachshund may destroy your lawn, flower bed or escape by digging under the fence.

2. Eating:

Dachshunds love to eat irrespective of their size. These dogs can eat anytime and rarely deny food offers. Although, this seems to be a weakness for the breed as their love for food causes them obesity problems and which further shortens their life span and leads to back and joint issues.

3. Being with you:

Dachshund is not the type of dog that you can leave all day alone and then play and hour with him once you get free. They are very social and get upset when they’re alone, even a companion dog does not help. They love to be around people and play with them, which makes them much more cute.

4. Explore:

Irrespective of the small size of this creature, it is aggressive and brave. Due to its curious nature, dachshunds love to explore new things. For example no matter how dangerous it may be, a dachshund will not leave a thing till he learns about it.

5. Running:

Dachshunds are from the hound family of dogs and the breed was bred not just to stalk a prey but also hunt it down. Their preys were normally the fast and quick rabbits, so that does gives us an idea about how quick this lovely creature is. Irrespective of its small legs, a dachshund is superfast and loves to run around.

6. Adventures:

Dachshunds love to play with its owners all the time and they get involved with you with whatever you are doing. They are one of the cleverest breeds. Apart from games like hide and seek, Dachshunds love activities like swimming, agility, conformation and earthdog competitions.

7. Licking:

A dachshund loves to lick its owner’s face so if you’re planning to get a dachshund, be ready for unexpected pet kisses. Although licking is a natural instinct of all the dogs, but Dachshunds do this most of the time because they are much more affectionate towards their owner than any other breed is.

8. Cuddling:

Due to its extra affectionate nature and the love to sleep buried under blankets, cuddling is one of the many things this dog loves. It can cuddle with you at 2am in the morning and even in the morning, all it wants is to play with you, let it be in any way.

There are a lot more things that a dachshund loves to do. Many people do not observe their pets but Dachshund is a breed that makes you notice what it is up to. It is one of the smartest and most intelligent breeds of all which will never let you get bored. Dachshunds do not just prove to be best friends or the ultimate watch dogs but also they are fiercely loyal to their owners.