7 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog

We all love to teach our dog commands. Some are just for fun but others more important to maintain the decorum of the household. But there are some commands that are absolutely essential for your dog.

7 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog
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  • NO – This is another essential command as not everything your dog does is acceptable. Since this is the case and your dog cannot draw the line for itself, the “no” command comes in very handy as a simple two letter word can stop your dog from causing mayhem and distress to others.
  • SIT – “Sit” is one of the most basic commands any person ought to teach to your dogs. When a dog is in a “sit” position, it knows that it is meant to stay sitting until you say otherwise. If you have to take care of something, you can put it in a sit position, knowing it won’t run off and get into trouble while you’re not paying attention. It’s a perfect command for situations like standing in a crowded place or if you’re loading the car for a trip.
  • GO – Another useful command is “go”. Just like human beings, dogs too have a tendency to laze around. Just as is the case with humans, it is a negative trait for dogs too. Hence the “Go” command comes handy because if taught well, then just at a single two syllable command; your dog will be alert and ready to go.
  • COME – This command is another obvious command. After all, knowing that your dog will return to your side without fail in any situation is a big part of ensuring it will be safe. But getting that “instant recall” can be tough especially when a dog is distracted, or knows that you are much more boring than whatever trouble it is getting into, then getting it to come when called is a challenge. There are number of ways to get it to come back but the most effective way is to give it food treats.
  • WAIT – This is a great command for making a dog stop in midstride. The main intention is to get the dog to stop what it is doing and focus attention back on you. It’s a perfect command for off leash walking when you want your dog to pause before you turn a corner and aren’t sure what’s headed your way, or any number of reasons to keep your pooch safe off leash.
  • LIE DOWN – The “lie down” command is another way to have your dog stay in one place and out of trouble. Teaching it to lie down especially if you teach it to drop to a down position when you signal from far away will go a long way in keeping it out of trouble. A down position is one of increased vulnerability, so if your dog is getting too rambunctious around other dogs and simply needs to mellow out, a “lie down” command gives him an opportunity to calm down
  • DROP IT – If you’ve a dog that eats anything and everything it finds, then “drop it” command can be a lifesaver. If it has scooped up something unsavory or dangerous then in order to avoid stomachaches or worse, you’ll have to teach your dog to want to drop something from his mouth the moment you tell him to. This might be a big challenge, so make sure that you build a foundation of providing incredible treats every time he obeys the “drop it” command. This way it will know that the biggest reward is not what’s in its mouth but what it’ll get if it throws it away.